Opened Defense: Tri Joko Waluyo

April 30, 2018 by : superadmin-pa

Yogyakarta, on Saturday April 28, 2018 the open defense for Tri Joko Waluyo, a student of Political Islam – Political Science titled Political Orientation Change of Air Tiris Society of Kampar Riau in General Election on Islamic Political Party (Case Study of Public Election of 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014) was conducted. The open defense was in Amphiteater Room, 4th  Floor of Graduate Building, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

Tri Joko explained in general elections 1999 and 2004 Islamic Political Parties succeeded to seize the first largest vote by seizing more than 80 percent of votes. In contrast, in general elections 2009 and 2014 Islamic Political Parties underwent a drastic decrease and acquiring 46,72 and 17,20 percent of votes only. This condition was showed the political orientation change  of Islamic Political Parties’ voters.

He added that in the general elections 1999 and 2004 Islamic Political Parties  succeeded to seize the first largest vote, while undergoing a drastic decrease and defeated by non Islamic Political Parties in the general election 2009 and 2014, indicated that there were several propensities. Firstly, the decrease of religion identity or “politik aliran”, the second, there was the decrease of Islamic party identification/loyality, and the third, the strongly affected or determined of the elite or figure.

The Assessors/Examiners are Sri Atmaja P. Rosyidi, ST., M.Sc.Eng., Ph.D., P.Eng (Chairman), Dr. Mega Hidayati, M.A  (Secretary), Prof. Dr. Tulus Warsito, M.Si (Promoter / Examiner I), Dr. Ulung Pribadi, M.Si (Co-promoter I / Examiner II), Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc (Examiner III), Dr. Suranto, M.Pol  (Examiner IV), Dr. Hasse J, M.A (Examiner V) and Dr. Muhammad Azhar, M.Ag (Examiner VI). This open defense was opened for students who want to attend it.

After considering the answers of the Assessor Team’s questions and objections, Tri Joko Waluyo was graduated and was awarded a Doctor of Political Islam-Political Science with all the rights and obligations attached to the title. Tri Joko Waluyo became the 12th  doctorate graduated by the Doctoral Program of Political Islam-Political Science, Directorate of Graduate Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.