Vision and Mission


Being a leading doctoral program in Asia in political science with a focus on regional Islamic studies in the development of theory/concept/new scientific ideas through empirical researches published nationally and internationally for the benefit of the people, state, and state.

  1. Conducting education and teaching of political Islam based on Social and Political Sciences (international relations, governance, public administration, communications, sociology) which is combined in a thematic, integrated, and innovative ways with the study of contemporary political Islam.
  2. Developing new theories and sciences in political Islam through researches and empirical studies of the politics of peace; regional Islamic studies, Islam and nation-state; Islam and democracy; Islam and a minority-majority relation; state laws and regulations of Islamic law; Islam: conflict and integration; Islam and human rights; Islam and gender; Islam and the NGO; Islam and nationalism; Islam and secularism; liberalism and pluralism of Islam; fundamentalism Islam; terrorism; Islam and civil society; media, Islam and the state; clean and good governance in Islam; Islam and tolerance; multicultural citizenship; Islam and public policy; political Islamic thought; political economy; Islamic political parties; Islamic organizations; Islamic interest groups; pressure groups toward Islam.
  3. To carry out a contributive community service in solving the problems of nationality, community, and humanity