Visiting Professors

Patrik K. Meyer


E-mail :
Address : Montana del Mar s/n, 08811 Canyelles, Barcelona, Spain


PhD: Politics and International Studies, 2012
Concentration: Muslim-Government relations
Research Fellow at the CCDP – Graduate Institute Geneva/Switzerland
: Cambridge, UK
MPA: Master in Public Administration, 2008
Concentration: international development
: Cambridge, MA/USA
MS: Master in Civil Engineering, 2006
Concentration: structural dynamics and low-cost housing
: Cambridge, MA/USA
BS: Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2002
: Berkeley, CA/USA
Two-year program in Mandarin and Economic Cooperation, 1995
: Beijing, China
Studied in a number of centers from 1984-1986
: Cairo, Egypt


Fluent in German, French, Spanish, and English; intermediate level in Arabic, Mandarin, Catalan, and Italian


Professional Experience
08 2016-present Visiting Lecturer Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Lecturing in the Department of Politics and IR on Indonesia-China relations
  • Lecturing in the Department of Civil Engineering on earthquakes
  • Conducting research on Indonesia-China relations
09 2015 – 07 2016 Foreign Expert, Lecturer Peking University Beijing, China
  • Lecturing on issues related to the Middle East
  • Conducting research on Islamist groups and Muslims in China
04 2015 – 03 2016 Senior Assistant Ethz – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland
  • Conducting research in structural engineering
  • Supporting teaching and advising students
  • Implementing projects in the field and testing setup and analysis
01 2016 – present International Security Fellow New America Foundation Washington, USA
  • Conducting research on South China Sea security issues
  • Conducting research on non-Muslim/Muslim relations
03.12.2014 Adjunct Professor Pyongyang University of Science and Technology Pyongyang, DPRK
  • Teaching Structural Engineering
  • Teaching International Relations/Business (Fall 2014)
  • Conducting research on wood/coal burning stoves and woodless construction
06.12.208 Adjunct Professor Yanbian University of Science and Technology Yanji, China
  • Teaching in Architecture and English Departments
  • Conducting research on traditional Korean-style heating and housing
2006 – 2007 Researcher Fulbright Santiago, Chile
  • Designed simplified manual on landslides
  • Presented research at university level
  • Developed Web site for public access
2004 – 2006 Research Assistant Massachuttes Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA/USA
  • Conducted research on improving seismic performance of low-cost housing
  • Traveled to earthquake-stricken regions (Iran, India, Pakistan, and Morocco)
  • Published results in internationally renowned journal (Earthquake Spectra)
04.05.2006 Shelter Advisor OXFAM-USA Kashmir, Pakistan
  • Identified structural deficiencies of housing in remote areas of Northern Pakistan
  • Developed structural improvements based on local skills, materials, and resources
  • Designed and taught workshops for local population and trained local engineers
05.12.1997 Project Manager Al-Kahtani Co. Al-Jouf, Saudi Arabia
  • Managed two-thousand hectare desert irrigation project
  • Conducted research to identify feasible and profitable crops
1995 – 1996 Marketing Director Trans World Travel Miri, Malaysia
  • Planned design, promotion, marketing of programs and routes to explore Borneo
1989 – 1992 Project Manager Swiss Invest Zurich, Switzerland
  • Identified attractive real-estate projects in Spanish coastal regions
  • Managed construction of tourist complex of hotel and 240 bungalows
1986 – 1989 Construction Supervisor Constructur SA Barcelona, Spain
  • Planned and supervised construction of several projects in Spain
  • Obtained necessary construction and exploitation permits


Post-Earthquake and Development Experience
CURA/OXFAM: Post-earthquake training (2008) Design and workshops Sichuan, China
THE GLOBAL CHILD: School design (2007) Structural design Siam Rep, Cambodia
APROVECHO: Wood-burning stoves (2006) Field work and design Tamil Nadu, India
OXFAM: Post-earthquake training (2006) Field research Kashmir, Pakistan
IIES: Post-earthquake report (2004) Field inspection/Report Bam, Iran
ABIYAN (2002) Designer & field work Gujarat, India
INDEPENDENT (2000) Field research with masons Izmir, Turkey


Recent Publication
  • Patrik K. Meyer : “China’s Non-Chinese Approach to the South China Sea”,, September 2016.
  • Meyer, P.K.: “China’s De-extremization of Uyghurs in Xinjiang,” New America, June 2016.
  • Meyer, P.K.: “Could Han Chauvinism Turn the ‘Chinese Dream’ into a ‘Chinese Nightmare’?” The Diplomat and EastWest, June 2016.
  • Muslims Their Rights,” The Diplomat and EastWest, April 2016.
  • Meyer, P.K.: “‘Chinese Capillary Democracy:’ Can Western Democracies Learn From China? Why the Chinese government is by and for the people,” The Diplomat, March 2016.
  • Meyer, P.K.: “Standing on Common Ground? Explaining Just War and Jihad,” The Diplomat and EastWest, Feb. 2016.
  • Meyer, P.K.: “China’s ‘Belt & Road Initiative’ Dilemma: To Grant or Not to Grant Chinese
  • Meyer, P.K., Ochsendorf, J., Germaine, J., Kausel, E.: “High Frequency / Low Energy Waves: An Unaccounted for Source of Collapse for URM,” Earthquake Spectra, published Feb. 2007.
  • Meyer, P.K. and Mosalam, K.M, “Bhunga: Cylindrical Subcomponent Shear Test,” Berkeley Scientific Journal, Spring 2004.
  • Meyer, P.K, and Ostertag, C., “Burlap Reinforcement for Improved Toughness of Low-Cost Adobe Residential Structures,” Berkeley Scientific Journal, Spring 2003.


Major Fellowships and Scholarships
2006 Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research on landslides in Chile
2005 Hugh Hampton Young Memorial Fund Fellowship at MIT
2005 National Science Foundation (USA) travel grant to conduct research at IIT Bombay/India