Discuss IKS: Dr Zuly Qodir Optimistic Exceeds Target

3 September 2019, oleh: wahono

Seeing that the achievements of IKS this year are in line with the target, next year we are optimistic that we can exceed the IKS target set by the University.
As stated by Dr Zuly Qodir, Chair of the Study Program (Head of Study Program) in Islamic Politics and Political Science at the Internal Study Program Meeting on Monday (2/9) at the Postgraduate Lounge, Lt. 1 Kasman Singodimedjo Building, UMY Integrated Campus.
Dr Zuly Qodir revealed that the target continues to increase every year, of course, able to encourage and motivate lecturers to improve performance optimally and optimally. He hoped the lecturer would be able to exceed the target set.
The study program’s Strategic Performance Indicator (IKS) discussion meeting was attended by Prof. Dr Achmad Nurmandi, Prof. Dr Bambang Cipto, Prof. Dr Tulus Warsito, Dr Mega Hidayati, Dr Hasse J. In addition, also discussed the preparation of odd semester 2019-2020 academic years