Launching a logo of the 38th Anniversary of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) denoted that a series of anniversary commemoration is officially commenced. The anniversary celebration begins on 1 February to the end of March 2019 by Pidato Milad.

Raising a theme of ‘Millennial and Global’, the anniversary focuses on youth’s vigor which is collaborative and innovative and accommodates all university members and community near UMY. There are seven events to commemorate the 38th anniversary, namely Malam RefleksiRapak Senat Terbuka (Laporan Tahunan Rektor, Pidato Milad), Family Day, Sports Competitions (Futsal, Foolball, Volley, Table Tennis, and Badminton), Book Expo and Scientific Discussion, Film and Video Screening, Charity Concert and Awarding Night.

“February and March are UMY’s months and I wish that all of the events run well. Having ‘Millennial and Global’ as the theme, It is expected that UMY can always become a leading university with its credo, ‘Unggul dan Islami’ and ‘Muda Menduna’,” declared Chief of Committee of UMY’s 38thAnniversary Faris Al Fadhat, Ph.D.

The ‘millennial’ refers to UMY strategies and innovations which develop as this era development. The commemoration may engage all UMY students as millennial generation so that a sense of being a family can be perceived by all university members. Meanwhile, the ‘global’ means a goal of UMY to be a reputable university in regional and international levels. Thus, the 38th anniversary commemoration may present novelty to foster UMY.

Additionally, Rector of UMY Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P. stated, “At the age of 38, UMY has become top 100 universities in Indonesia. Based on the theme of ‘Millennial and Global’, UMY may always possess youth enthusiasm to innovate. The ‘millennial’ notion is youth vigor to evolve this institution as a leading university in Indonesia.  The ‘global’ concept is that UMY should recognize an international atmosphere if we want to be included in renewals. Thus, we can exist in levels of ASEAN, Asia, and the world. One of the requirements to get in global competitiveness is that we have to be young and global.”