Ade Yamin, a student of political islam-political science, had the opportunity to take part in the 14th CILIS Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference. The conference organized by the Center for Indonesian Law, Islam, and Society (CILIS) The University of Melbourne was held on November 13-14 2018 at Melbourne Law School, The University of Melbourne 185 Pelham Street, Carlton, Victoria. On this occasion, Ade Yamin will present the "Islamic Book" of the Identity of Dani Muslims in panel 1, with the theme "Islam and Identity."

Ade Yamin explained how the Muslim minority community had developed an identity that is different from the practice hegemony of the majority version in Indonesia. The Dani Muslim community in the highlands of Papua affirmed their Islamic identity through the label of Islamic books applied to marriage documents, but in their dress, food, and habits their daily lives are the same as their non-Muslim neighbors. Different identities are shown by Dani's renewal in conversion to Islam, political context and political change.