Book Review “Menjerat Gus Dur”

January 21, 2020 by : superadmin-pa

Gus Dur, as president and Kiai, became a popular controversial figure.

The Chair of the UMY Islamic-Political Science Study Program, Dr. Zuly Qodir, M.Ag in the book discussion of “Lariat Gus Dur,” Monday (1/20). This activity was held by the Democracy and Human Rights Study Circle of the Social Sciences Faculty of Yogyakarta State University.

Dr. Zuly revealed that the political reforms that were taking place made there were political problems such as KKN, the status quo, and civic groups. However, political revenge continues if there is a desire to seize power by force.

Besides Dr. Zuly Qodir, also attending the book review speakers included Virdika Rizky Utama (Book Author), Prof. Purwo Santoso, Ph.D., (Rector of the Yogyakarta Nahdatul Ulama University), and Prof. Saefur Rachmat, Ph.D. (Lecturer at Yogyakarta State University).