No. Institution Activity Duration of Coperation


The Benefits
Start End
1 Government of Special Region of Yogyakarta Establishment and Development of JOGJA LIBRARY 31 December 2008 31 December 2013 Access to references in the form of books and journals can be enjoyed by the academic community, especially UMY Postgraduate which allows students to perform various academic activities, especially in the process of strengthening article references and dissertations

Government of Yogyakarta City

Education, Research, Community Service, and development and empowerment of local resources in Yogyakarta City 29 March 2010 29 March 2013 The implementation of cooperation Research and community service between UMY and Local Government so that cooperation is established in order to realize both institutions as a pioneer of empowerment of people
3 Government of Gunung Kidul Regency


Education, Research, Community Service 8 May 2010 8 May 2015 The realization of research collaboration and community service between UMY and Local Government that leads to the formation of character of society that have personality and have wide understanding about difference (political choice)
4 TVRI Station of DIY Human Resource Development and Institutional Imaging Program 27 Sept 2007 27 Sept 2012 Found a pattern of cooperation that provides space for the implementation of the promotion of ideas or ideas about a good political life to the public
5 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seminar 2009 The implementation of general seminars and stadiums on a regular basis, especially concerning international issues that are closely related to the global political development of the Islamic world
6 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Course 2009 The implementation of Diplomatic Course on a regular basis can be followed up in the form of broader institutional cooperation
7 Department of Manpower Seminar 2010 The implementation of a seminar on advocacy of TKI that gives insight to the audience about the current condition of TKI so that can be done various breakthrough to protect citizen in foreign country
8 Kesbanglinmas pemprov DIY Joint Research 2013 The development of research cooperation in the field of social politics, security, and the unity of the nation and the protection of society between the Doctoral Program of Political Islam – Political Science with the Government of Region Yogyakarta
10 General Secretary of the People’s Consultative Assembly Seminar 2011 2011 Joint Seminar which fosters wider cooperation so that it can be pilot project for the implementation of similar activity in the future
11 Secretariat of vice president Seminar 2010 2010 Cooperation / joint seminars that gave birth to various ideas, especially in managing state and community relations so that mutual understanding can be realized together
12 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Seminar 2012 2013 Cooperation / seminars together in particular in terms of building a mutually beneficial overseas cooperation and siding with the public interest
13 KPUD of Bantul Regency Seminar, Research and Community Service 2011 2016 Intertwined cooperation is getting better especially in order to provide complete information about the election to the public.
14 Muhammadiyah University of Malang Tridarma university and Institutional 2012 2017 Established cooperation in the handling of curriculum, seminar implementation, research, and publications conducted through institutional cooperation
15 Gadjah Mada University,

Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta State University, AKPRIND Institute of Science & Technology, Ahmad Dahlan University , Sanata Dharma University

Development of learning materials and application system through information network platform in education, research and community service. 19 Sept 2006 19 Sept 2011 Formed cooperation regarding the development of e-learning system and UMY replicate the method
e-learning to support teaching and learning process by utilizing IT
16 Research Center for Infrastructure Development, Research and Development Agency, Department of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure, RI Staff Development, Student Apprenticeship, Conferences and Seminars, Publications, and Laboratorio Development 20 December 2004 20 December 2009 Faculty of Engineering and R & D Center conducting research collaboration of infrastructure and development of settlement
17 Government of Purworejo Regency Development of education and research 11 December 2006 11 December 2009 KKN cooperation thematic supervision of corruption so as to create awareness in students about the impact of corruption. Likewise, the students acquire knowledge and experience that is comprehensive and actionable in the form of research
18 Government of Special Region of Yogyakarta Assistance in the Making of Financial Report of the Regional Device Work Unit (SKPD) 19 Nov 2007 19 Nov 2008 UMY is involved in preparing the financial report of DIY Province
19 Government of Special Region of Yogyakarta Cooperation of forest management in Playen Districts, Regency of Gunung Kidul 15 December 2007 15 December 20 Interwoven partnership program thematic KKN students oriented to the planting of values to the public, especially regarding rights and obligations in the management of forests as a source of livelihood for humans
21 Government of Yogyakarta Town Education, Research, Community Service, and development and empowerment of local resources in Yogyakarta city 29 March 2010 29 March 2013 Formed collaboration Research and Service to the community and place students internship between UMY and Local Government embodied in various forms of activities that benefit the community
22 Ahmad Syafii Maarif School of Though and Humanity National and international conferences, scholarships, research, journal publications and books 2015  2020 The establishment of research cooperation and publication of books and journals related to the study of Islamic progress, access scholarships and research funds
23 Maarif Institute National Partnership Seminar 2018

The implementation of Partnership Seminar is Launching and Discussion of Research Results of Maarif Fellowship


Regional Election Commission (KPUD) of Bantul Regency

The Pioneer Village of Democracy


The establishment and implementation of the Pioneer Democracy Village in Bantul Regency


25 Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia 5000 Doctoral scholarships 2019 Establishing a partnership of 5000 doctoral scholarship programs
26 Islamic Religious Education Doctoral Program UIN Mataram Student Exchange, Staff Exchange, External Examiner, International Journal, Long Life Program, Community Development, and Research 2019 2023 Establishing cooperation in strengthening strata 3 programs
27 Educational Fund Management Institution (LPDP) Indonesian Lecturer Excellence Scholarship (BUDI) 2019 Establishment of partners holding the Indonesian Lecturer Excellence Program (BUDI)