Religious, social conditions filled with hoaxes in social media and hate speech can be carried out because of the political interest of certain groups. As lecturers and educators, the lecturers and also educators sometimes concurrently as Koran teachers alias preachers must be critical of the conditions faced.

As conveyed by the Chair of the UMY Islamic Political-Political Science Doctoral Study Program, Dr. Zuly Qodir, M.Ag in the Intensive Study of the Qur’an and the Hadith Intensive Study of Islamic Da’wah (SIAH-SIDI), Wednesday (8/1) at the Auditorium of the Indonesian Islamic University. The activity with the theme “The Role of Da’wah in Overcoming Social Conflict” was attended by young lecturers in the Indonesian Islamic University.

Dr. Zuly Qodir revealed that lecturers and preachers did not act as disseminators of slander hoaxes and false news, which could divide Muslims themselves. The presence of fake news must be balanced by providing accurate and non-tendentious news and information. If this is continued, the lecturer as an educator and preacher will have a negative role in building the nation and educating life in the future.

He advised the lecturers and preachers to clarify the information obtained, not as long as it was spread even from someone who was characterized and highly educated.