To improve the quality and quantity of student publications, the Islamic Political-Political Study Program continues to encourage students to take part in various papers writing training, one of which is the NVivo 12 Plus practice. Seven students took part in the NVivo 12 Plus Training held by Jusuf Kalla School of Government (JKSG) UMY. This activity lasted for two days, (21-22 / 1) in Room 3.03 of the UMY Postgraduate Building. Appearing as a guest speaker and trainer, Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc (JKSG Director), and accompanied by two trainers, Dian Suluh Kusuma Dewi, M.AP, and Salahudin, M.P.A.

Achmad Nurmandi revealed the main problem of students, especially in the social and humanities environment is the lack of writing and publication in journals of national and international reputation, in addition to the habit of descriptive essay through qualitative methodologies, also due to lack of knowledge to access information on IT applications that can support research.

The professor, who is also a lecturer in Doctoral in Political Islam and Political Science, reminded me that from year to year, there was no initiative to study various kinds of research applications.

“Qualitative research methodology can be developed from descriptive research into interesting patterns and based on numbers or objective data through NVivo 12 Plus Applications / Software.”

Meanwhile, Dian Suluh explained that Nvivo 12 Plus could overcome subjectivity in qualitative research. The biggest challenges for qualitative researchers are subjectivity (researcher-biased), validity, and reactivity.

“The challenge is quite difficult to overcome if researchers analyze the data manually. Therefore, NVivo helps to separate data sourced from informants, researchers, and secondary sources (books, research reports, historical documents, journal articles, website content, online news, conference proceedings, memos, field notes, bibliographic annotations, and even researchers’ daily journals stored in NVivo). NVivo ensures that data is sourced from the field. NVivo is useful for data triangulation and researcher triangulation. NVivo also gave the most comprehensive possible space for the research team to work on NVivo, “concluded Dian Suluh, who is currently pursuing doctoral education in the politics of Islam-political science at UMY.