Foreword Chairman

The Doctoral Program in Political Islam – Political Science at Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta is the only doctoral study program in Indonesia that has obtained grade A Accreditation from the Indonesian Higher Education National Accreditation Agency. In addition to the accomplishments attained by this study program, it is also very distinct in the type of research being developed. The focus of research here, in accordance with the vision of the study program, is the study of Regional Islam with a central theme on “Islam, Politics, and Media”. Research conducted in this study program utilize a multidisciplinary approach, making it possible for individuals interested in applying to come from various academic backgrounds or science disciplines such as religion, politics, sociology, media, and so forth.

As a leading study program, the Doctoral Program in Political Islam is also very concerned with the advancement of political Islam study through various academic fora. Every year, at least 4 open discussions in the form of seminars or general lectures are scheduled to be held by the study program. Academic forums are highly beneficial for updating knowledge, particularly for students in finding research designs and themes that are always actual and in line with trending academic developments for their dissertation.

In addition, the lecture system has been designed with a strict system of quality control. Students are provided space to unleash their brilliant ideas through a guided research (dissertation) scheme. This effort is entirely supported by the Political Islam Study Program faculty members who are scholars with particular expertise in their respective field. They are the students’ primary partner for discussions or exchanging ideas at every available opportunity.

The academic routine of the study program is supported not only by Muhammadiyah University Yogyakarta through the UMY Scholarship program, but also by various organizations or individuals. In 2016, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia through the MORA program had provided scholarships to a number of students from PTKIN. The Musa Asy’ari Fellowship through the Ahmad Syafii Maarif (ASM) School of Political Thought and Humanity also supports funding for the study of several domestic and international students.