On  8th January 2018 UMY received a group of researchers from Malaysia to public discussion about mainstreaming sustainability  at Director Room Post Graduate Building UMY. There is Dr. Henri Adnan as main speaker following with Dr. Dicky Sofjan,  and Dr. Aesa Sayaka . This fellows are researchers from various ASEAN countries which is Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

The discussion was lead by Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Si., M.Res., Ph.D; Director  of Cooperation and International Affairs and participated with several lecturer from governmental studies program. First speaker is expertise in Environmental Science And Management and Policy And Administration aware about the environmental issues that happened in ASEAN regional especially. In addition, in order to maintain stability, he  introduced Advocacy & Policy Brokering Communicating Sustainability . Dr Henri put emphasis by mentioned several methods such as inside government policy brokering, media engagement , report journals and books, engagement with civil society movement  and last but not least professional consulting. Dr  Henri noticed that Indonesia in environmental stability context is still a country that considerately safe . Indonesia is also can be seen as a country rich in natural resources that are still intact and not yet explored aggressively.

This discussion continued with question and answer session  ended with token given from UMY and group photo.

P/S: Dr. Hezri Adnan  is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. He has extensive experience in research and policy advocacy on development and sustainability issues. His specialization is comparative public policy spanning areas such as environmental policy, green economy, natural resources governance and sustainable development strategy