Government has important roles especially in economic field for nation both in macro scale and micro scale. Supported by government, it will strengthen economic system entirely especially in economic system of Islamic bases. Therefore, to enhance Islamic economics, high good quality of human resources is needed.

This idea was stated by Drs. Dwiyono Iriyanto, MM, CPC as the resource person in the event final lecture of Graduate Program of S2 and S3 of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) entitled ‘Islamic Economics in the Middle of Global Competition, Opportunity and Challenge’ on Friday (9/2). The lecture was conducted by Postgraduate of UMY at Amphi Theater also attended by 79 students who will graduate on Saturday (10/2).

Dwiyono expressed that Islamic economics must be able to compete with global world because it is one of ways for Da’wah for Muslims. “Nowadays technology development has grown rapidly, we should be active and technologically literate and gradually adapt to technology. Currently we need to innovate in any field especially in the field of Islamic economics, “said Dwiyono.

Dwiyono explained that many Muslims cannot receive and fully implement sharia economy. “Muslim business should have strong foundations and principles in developing their business. If we see at the moment that Muslims’ awareness in sharia is still decreased, the human resources of sharia economy is not qualified, system support that is not conducive, and strong influence of globalization, “he claimed.

Dwiyono added that the current majority of people doing business are trapped with their own fears. “If we are locked with fear then it will destroy us. There are some aspects that get people caught with perspective, comfort, pleasure, laziness, fear, resignation, success. Therefore we need to perform Islamic economics with high spiritual values, “he concluded.