No Name Achievement Activity, Date and Place Level Image
Made Devi Wedayanti Presenter The Ninth International Conference on Public Organization (ICONPO). 28, 29 August 2019. Khon Kaen University, Thailand International
Ajeng Puspa Marlinda Presenter The 1st International Symposium on Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, and Religious (ISHERSs), 30-31 July 2019, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta International
Sadhono Hadi Presenter 1st International Conference of Graduate Program (ICGP) “Social Science, Religion, and Humanities”, Yogyakarta, July 5-6 2019, Postgraduate of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta International
Ade Yamin Presenter

Paper: “Buku Islam” The Identity of Dani Muslims

14th CILIS Islamic Studies Postgraduate Conference, 13-14 November 2018, Melbourne Law School The University of Melbourne International  
Rashda Diana Best Paper International Conference on Islamic Higher Education toward Sustainable Society (SeIPTI 2017), 27-28 March 2017, Fatoni University, Thailand. International
Enrique B. Batara Presenter International Conference on Administrative Science, Policy, and Governance Studies (ICAS PGS), 30-31 October 2017, Universitas Indonesia International  
Hazel D. Jovita

Best Paper.

Title: To what extent does cross-sector collaboration affect the Philippine disaster management?

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management, 16-17 September 2017, National University of Singapore (NUS) International