The Idea of Syahrour in the Tradition of Science, Especially Islamic Studies

14 September 2019, oleh: wahono

Head of the Islamic Political-Political Science Doctoral Study Program, Dr Zuly Qodir, M.Ag, was a guest speaker at the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Islamic Studies entitled “Al-Yamin’s Dissertation Controversy Between Freedom and Academic Responsibility”. This FGD was held by the Islamic Faculty, Friday (11/13) at the UMY Integrated Postgraduate Campus Building.
On this occasion, Dr Zuly Qodir explained that Syahrour was in a position to make a breakthrough in the tradition of science, especially Islamic studies by submitting opinions that were different from mainstream clerics, causing alarm and even deemed heretical.
He added, as the idea of the shahrour’s mind cannot be punished heresy or infidelity, what is stated is a social fact that must be responded to as part of the development of cases and theories of science.