Workshop "Prevention of Radicalism and Extremism among Muhammadiyah College Lecturers"

23 Agustus 2019, oleh: wahono

Doctoral Program of Political Islam – Political Science and the Islamic Religious Education Doctoral Program UMS in collaboration with the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) R.I. held a workshop entitled “Prevention of Radicalism and Extremism among Muhammadiyah College Lecturers”, Wednesday (21/8) at Aston Surakarta Hotel. The workshop aims to explore the factors that could be the potential for the emergence of radical understanding and extremism. Also, it is also a preventive measure in tackling radicalism and extremism.
The activity was opened by Dr Agung Danarto, M. Ag (Muhammadiyah Central Leader) and presenting expert speakers, including Brigadier General Pol. Ir. Hamli, M.E. (BNPT RI Prevention Director), Prof. Dr. Abdul Munir Mulkhan (PPM Higher Education Council), Prof. Dr. Musa Asy’ arie (Professor of Islamic Philosophy of IAIN Surakarta), Dr. Hamim Ilyas (PPM Tarjih Council), Dr. MA Fattah Santoso (Deputy Chancellor of UMS), Alimatul Qibtiyah, Ph.D (PPA Research and Development Institute), Dr. Muhammad Ali (Dikdasmen PDM Solo), Sri Roviana, M.A. (PP Aisyiyah) and Dr. Mega Hidayati (PRA / UMY Lecturer). Meanwhile, 65 participants consisting of lecturers, PDM cadres, PCA and UMS doctoral program students actively participated in the workshop.
Prof. Musa said that prevention efforts in PTM could be carried out with open and dialogical lectures, strengthening the culture of thinking with a multidimensional approach, and strengthening scientific research and service. Meanwhile, Prof. Munir explained that multiculturalism can be a trigger for creative power for the development of AUM in areas that have different traditions and openness of communication in the digital era, opening up spaces for systems and behaviour patterns that formally differ materially, but must greet each other.