Closed Defense: Enrique B. Batara

December 2, 2017 by : superadmin-pa

Yogyakarta, on Saturday December 2, 2017 the close defense for Enrique B.  Batara, a student of Political Islam – Political Science titled “Local e-Government Transformation: A Comparative Case Study of Surabaya, Indonesia and Davao, Philippines” was conducted. The close defense was in Tutorial Room, 1st Floor of Graduate Building, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

Batara explained that attitude is a pivotal predictor of intention to adopt e-government transformation across all four dimensions, while performance expectancy, social influence and facilitating conditions also positively influence the intention to adopt process redesign, organizational structuring, and cultural and behavioral change in the city government. Respondents’ length of work experience appears as a significant moderating variable. Respondents’ age does not appear to be a moderating factor.

He added that  e-government transformation to be adoptable and effectual, supporting and facilitating conditions are necessary. Structural, technical and financial support, as well as legal framework, for local e-government transformation should be in place. Activities which could promote maintaining and sustaining the positive attitude and right performance expectations towards it should be regularly carried out. Political leadership and political will must be demonstrated by significant actors and stakeholders.

The Assessors/Examiners are Dr. Hasse J, M.A (Chairman), Dr. Mega Hidayati, M.A  (Secretary), Prof. Dr. Tulus Warsito, M.Si (Promoter / Examiner I), Prof. Wahyudi Kumorotomo (Co-promoter I / Examiner II), Prof. Achmad Nurmandi (Co-promoter II / Examiner III), Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, M.Si  (Examiner IV), and Eko Priyo Purnomo, M.Res., Ph.D  (Examiner V).

After considering the answers of the Assessor Team’s questions and objections, the assessors/examiners agreed Enrique B. Batara to join opened defense by revision. Enrique B. Batara was required to improve his dissertation as the Assessors/examiners Team’s advice, input, and direction.