Sugito: Student of Islamic Politics Holds a Seminar on Dissertation Research Results

25 Agustus 2019, oleh: wahono

Sugito, an Islamic Political Student, held a Dissertation Research Seminar organized by the Doctoral Study Program in Islamic Politics – Political Science, Saturday (8/24) at the Study Hall, Fl. 1 Postgraduate Integrated Campus of UMY. The manuscript of his dissertation entitled “The Contribution of Informal Institutions to the United Nations Security Sector Reform Mission in Timor Leste” was presented before the examining team.
Sugito explained that informal institutions in the form of oral Uma and the church were able to provide a more secure sense of security, protection and conflict resolution mechanisms by the people of Timor Leste. Informal institutions have been able to replace the role of PNTL, F-FDTL and the judiciary in providing security for the people of Timor Leste.
He added that oral Uma and the church also played the role of peacemaking and peacekeeping. The oral Uma and the church became a sanctuary for fighters and young people in the struggle against the invaders.
Present as a team of examiners, including Prof. Dr Tulus Warsito, M.Sc, Dr Mega Hidayati, M.A., Ali Muhammad, Ph.D., Ali Maksum, Ph.D., Dr Zuly Qodir, M.Ag and Dr Hasse J., M.A (chairman of the session). The dissertation research seminar was open and witnessed by students of the Islamic Political Doctoral Study Program – Science of Politics.
At the end of the seminar, examiners gave questions, suggestions and criticisms of the technical material, methodology and substance of the results of the dissertation research that had been presented. Sugito was asked to make a revision of the results of his dissertation research.